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The Versonics are in the studio now and are working on new tunes.

The bottom end is held down by Pete Vigelius on Bass with Tony Hufford on drums. This “Hot Rod” rhythm section supplies that can’t keep your feet still beat. On rhythm guitar and vocals is Steve Bowling, veteran of the club circuit and one of the bands’ principle song writers.  The front man and harmonica ripper, Brian Keith brings all the emotion to every note and phrase. With Brian on the stage, when the show is over there’s no doubt what “bringing it” means. His voice conjures visions of a dusty Jim Morrison his stage show is vintage “Tull” and his harp bites like an angry rattle snake.
The band is currently recording an EP entitled “Workin’ for the Man” that will be out this summer. The video for the song, “401K”, is in production now. Because of their previous activities in the business the band already has a healthy following and a substantial mailing list.

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